Our Products & Suppliers

With support from the best product manufacturers like Nutech Paints, Dulux Avista, Shieldcoat Paints and All Purpose Coatings plus many more, we are always researching products to provide you with with the best system to suit your project requirements.

Nutech Paint

Nutech’s Pavecoat (Concrete Sealing) range of concrete sealers have been tried and trusted for years.
As is the Epic 2Pak (Epoxy Flooring) range of Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings.
There is a NuCourt range for Sports Courts and also a Glow in the dark additive compatible with most of the Nutech range.

Sheildcoat Paint

Shieldcoat’s Stencilshield concrete resurfacing system is favourite of ours, it looks great, quick to install and has very nice anti slip finish perfect for steep driveways or stairs. Supported by great slab repair compound and Sealer range.

APC (All Purpose Coatings).

All Purpose Coatings (Epxoy Flooring) have an extensive decorative epoxy range, from vinyl flake systems with multiple finishes, metallic finishes through to commercial and industrial coatings.

Dulux Avista

Avista (Concrete Sealing & Concrete Resurfacing) has a wide range of options for interior and exterior hard surface coatings. Epoxy systems for your garage, as well as sealers for your Exposed Agg concrete and solid colour sealers.Avista’s Resurfacing compound is also a product we use for textured exterior finishes.

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