Natural Stone Sealing & Paver Sealing

Natural Stone paving is a great looking addition to your home or commercial site but it needs some maintenance every so often to keep it at its best. Some Natural stone are better than others at repelling various stains from different sources, others not so good. Cleaning and a application of Sealer is the best way to look after your paving, especially the grout, which is a very porous product itself. Leaving the grout unprotected for long periods of time can cause many problems but the most common ones are efflorescence and calcifying.

There are many causes for this and when it gets too bad there are few options to remove it. Applying a sealer to your paving will help your grout most of all, repealing water which will help prevent mold growth, mineral staining and premature breaking down of the grout.

Same goes for Cement pavers. Cement pavers can be just as porous as grout and will attract mold and lichen growth very quickly especially in damp or shaded areas.

Newly laid mix of Granite, pressure cleaned with a safe acid to remove any haze that remained from the grouting process, after leaving it to dry for a couple of days a penetrating sealer was applied.
Mixed Bluestone at a civil construction site, cleaned and a penetrating sealer applied to keep the natural look.
BEFORE: Natural Stone Sealing
AFTER: Natural Stone Sealing

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