Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings and other 2 part coatings have anyways been a tried and trusted way to coat a concrete floor for commercial or industrial purposes and they still are, from protecting the concrete itself deteriorating against heavy traffic, stopping the constant dust from an uncoated floor, protecting from spills and making it easy to keep clean or just to make it look awesome!

Using Epoxy for decorative purposes has come a long way also, from using vinyl flake chips and 100% solid epoxy to look like a seamless polished stone floor or re coating bench tops to look like marble.

Metallic Epoxy makes a really unique feature floor or bench top, with no 2 looking exactly alike you’ll have a one off piece of art, perfect for home or business, maybe a man cave? or maybe a bar top, a retail shop floor or counters or your kitchen benches at home.

Maintenance coat of APC 100% Solid Epoxy in light grey for a clean room at a commercial Bakery. Some coving was also installed as the entry was moved and a new wall constructed.

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