Concrete Sealing

Concrete Sealing has a wide range of uses but is most commonly used on exterior surfaces like driveways and paths. Concrete sealers come in clear for example exposed aggregate concrete or solid colour if you want to transform the look of your plain concrete or maybe you have some concrete that’s got a dated colour or the oxide colour finish is wearing off from age.

Concrete Sealers also keep your concrete cleaner and safer by stopping mold, moss and dirt growing on the porous surface of unsealed concrete.  There is a difference between Concrete Sealer and Concrete paint,  Concrete sealer penetrates into the surface of the concrete where Concrete Paint relies on adhesion to the surface of the concrete.

Before applying Nutech Pavecoat.
Nutech Pavecoat used to make this Driveway which had additions of concrete over the years look uniform.


Ready to start Diamond grinding to remove this failing coating.


Prep by Diamond grinding the failing existing coating then applying Nutech Pavecoat with an anti slip additive.

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